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RGB Shades Kit

RGB Shades Kit
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RGB Shades are programmable shutter shade sunglasses with an array of 68 bright full-color pixels on the front.
The LEDs can show different colors by mixing levels of red, green, and blue. An integrated Arduino-compatible microcontroller controls the color of each pixel to display a wide range of colorful animations.

What’s Included?
An LED panel with 68 full-color pixels
Controller board
Spare “hacker” board for adding your own circuits
All the parts and metal hardware needed to assemble the frame
A small hex wrench.

You’ll also receive a special thin USB cable (2.5 mm) that runs to your power source. The USB cable is very thin for optimal wearability; due to the very thin wires inside, you may need to switch to a regular USB cable in order to reprogram the shades on some computers.

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