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Rice Cube Maker

Rice Cube Maker
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Rice Cube can make sushi from plain rice, cutting down calories and preparation time. You can even make sushi without the nori seaweed. Rice Cube also works with polenta, cheese, meat, potato, falafel, butter, dumplings, lentils, brownies, biscuit bases, fudge, dates & apricots… and so much more. Perfect for cute entrees, stylish mains and quick desserts.

Features: Makes sushi in seconds – no mats or sticky rice required Works with all rice types, including brown and wild rice Can also be used with other foods like polenta, falafel, risotto and to make sweets like cake pops, brownies and fruit and nut squares. Teaches children how to make healthy food in a fun way.

Length: 2.50-in.
Cleaning & Care: Dishwasher Safe
Width: 2.50-in.
Material: Food Safe ABS
Origin: China

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