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Rick Ross Framed Tweet

Rick Ross Framed Tweet
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Twitter is a virtual online smorgasbord of 140 character tweets that reflects the minds of some of the greatest (and most entertaining) actors, musicians, politicians and celebrities on the entire planet.
And now, some of the most classic and unforgettable tweets of all time can be uniquely displayed on your very own wall or desk for all to see and enjoy.

Comes in a beautiful, golden 10” x 12” frame that can be hung or propped wherever you’d like. Tweets are printed on high-quality paper stock, and come complete with archival matting. We also ship free in the USA (ships in 5-7 days).

Hang it in your office, in your home, or even surprise a friend or family member. No matter where you choose to put your framed tweet, you can be sure that it’ll be unlike any other framed photo or art piece you’ve EVER owned or experienced before.

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