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Rickter Freestyle Jet-Ski

Rickter Freestyle Jet-Ski
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For the extreme sports enthusiast, Marine Toys and Tenders have partnered with Rickter Jet-Ski’s to bring you a custom Yamaha Superjet stand-up jet-ski capable of the spins, flips and tricks you’ve only before seen on screen.
Together with Rickter and multiple UK Freestyle Champion Dan J Rowan, they offer full free-style training on location, along with all the safety gear you need to have the confidence to catch some air.

Each Rickter Jet-Ski is hand crafted for the highest performance and put together on site with a range of technical and aesthetic customisations to suit any rider.

With simplicity in mind Marine Toys and Tenders have put together a custom ‘all-inclusive’ superyacht package with everything you need to make the most of your new Rickter Jet-Ski from the word ‘Go!’

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