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Ride 858 Mini BMX Fli-Hi

Ride 858 Mini BMX Fli-Hi
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Introducing the long awaited Ride 858 Mini BMX Fli-Hi Pro, an all ages BMX bike that is for those who dare to be dared. With a smaller frame and chunky tyres, this BMX is designed to test the rider’s limits, with an added spring that gives you higher hops and softer landings. It’s durable, strong, damn good all over and suitable for park and dirt use. If you’re looking for something different to spice up your riding experience, then the Mini BMX from Ride 858 may just be the answer.

• Patent Spring Technology
• Hi Tensile Steel Frame, Forks & Bars
• Top Load Stem, Threadless Forks
• 10″ x 28″ Handlebars
• Ultra-Light Weight Plastic BMX Pedals
• 28/9 Gearing (pedal at up to 15 mph)
• Fully Sealed Stainless Steel Wheel Bearings
• 10″ Chunky Tyres (45psi)
• KMC Chain
• High Quality Ride 858 Grips
• Pro Street Tyres
• Comes with both coil spring and solid rear attachments (depending on your preference)

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