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Ridgecrest Wine and Bar Cabinet

Ridgecrest Wine and Bar Cabinet
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Old paint and rust are burned off in a furnace at 400 degrees celsius for 24 hours.
The sandblasting is to reach a pure metal surface.
Laser cutting technique is used to archive maximum precision for carvin.
A powder coat technique is used to apply new painting. Before painting, all Jerry Cans are washed off in hot water. Actually after the Sandblasting.
Shelves for the Bar Cabinets are made of Walnut, Oak or Smoked Oak veneers are molded up into plywood.
The molds are made to measure the inside of the Jerry Can cabinet.
One of the last steps is the assembly process. Antique made mirrors, stainless screws and hinges are use.
With unique design comes unique packaging. All designs are numbered on ID tags and certificate. The key to the cabinets is customized with a Danish Fuel logo in it so you always know you have a original Danish Fuel design.

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