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RimSkins – Protect Your Car Rims

RimSkins – Protect Your Car Rims
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Fitted to the outer edge of the wheel, RimskinsTM provide a barrier between the wheel rim and the kerb. RimskinsTM are intended to be a sacrificial product that will go on protecting the rims after many scrapes.

1. Ensure the ends of the RimskinsTM have been cut off squarely.

2. Peel 10cm of orange backing strip from adhesive strip.

3. Apply RimskinsTM from the top of the wheel rim and proceed in a clockwise direction, removing the backing strip as you go. Avoid direct contact with tape surface.

4. When application is complete, use scissors or a sharp blade to trim RimskinsTM to the correct length.

5. Firmly press RimskinsTM onto the rim.

6. To clean, wipe over with wax and grease remover and cloth.

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