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Ring Ruler

Ring Ruler
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Ring Ruler360 is a size-adjustable circular ruler that simply expands and contracts to draw circles and arcs. The flexible, conically-formed plastic ruler lightly snaps into a semi-permanent hold, displaying diameter, arc length (circumference) and even degrees. The Ring Ruler360 makes the process of creating circles into an intuitive, circular motion that is both quicker and more natural.

The translucent material allows for clear visibility and smooth tracing along the ruled inner profile. Not only does the Ring Ruler360 physically embody the abstract concept of pi through its direct relating of diameter to arc length, it also offers additional possibilities of measuring and inscribing onto 3D objects for various arts and crafts. It’s fun, easy and SAFE for individuals of all ages.

US Standard scale
Strong flexible plastic construction
Rule circles on flat surfaces and on 3D spherical and cylindrical objects

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