Rinseroo Value Pack: 2 Slip-on

Rinseroo Value Pack: 2 Slip-on
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  • The Rinseroo is an ideal product for homes that don’t have a handheld showerhead and don’t want to spend the time or money installing one. One RInseroo can travel to all the showers and sinks in your home.
  • DO NOT USE THE RINSEROO ON A TUB SPOUT UNLESS YOU CAN REDUCE THE WATER PRESSURE: Tub faucets can have very high water flow rates. If you use it in a tub with excessive water pressure, the connector may get damaged and not stay on. It will always work well in a shower or sink. (Showers and sinks have significantly less water flow than tubs)
  • RINSEROO IS RE-INVENTING THE WAY WE BATHE OUR PETS!: Rinseroo’s super-stretch connector slips over showerhead or sink faucet Converts into a go-anywhere pet bathing tool Pet baths are fast and easy thanks to its easy-on, easy-off design The connector stretches up to 10 times its original size Fits most showerheads and faucets (*up to 7 inches in diameter, including odd shapes)
  • RINSEROO HAS A ONE-OF-A-KIND, MID-HOSE CONNECTOR: Comes with two 5 foot hoses Lightweight and portable (each Rinseroo weighs 13 oz.) Ultra flex, non-kink hose Coils up and fits in cleaning caddy The bottom half of the hose detaches, creating an ideal, shorter length for sink use
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE, Two 5 FOOT HOSES: Coil up to fit in cleaning caddy
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