Riot Grrrl Nostalgia zine grab bag TEN

Riot Grrrl Nostalgia zine grab bag TEN
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Riot Grrrl Nostalgia zine grab bag #ten this bag contains 6-10 zines plus a few mini zines & catalogs!!! You won’t receive all of the zines pictured(of course if there is a particular zine you see that you do want please mention it to me & i will include it! ! i just like to have a variety!) but i’ve selected a few old zines from my zine collection to include in each zine grab bag! they are riot grrrl zines primarily made in the mid-late ’90s. some are from 2000 -2003. i’m including a few of my old zines from the 90s as well. Some of the zines that may be included in this grab bag are: “v-reject #12”, “corekill”, “chicklet”,”red under #6″,”billy’s mitten # 8″,”Babelicious/Dumboy” split zine & some of my old zines (“Devil Girl #2” &/Or “Trading Punches for Lucky Strikes”)plus a few catalogs from scratch n sniff, decoder ring records, paroxysm,& weevil productions your copies will be in black & white, some may have colored covers

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