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Riptide Electric Skateboard

Riptide Electric Skateboard
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Designed in San Diego by lifelong skateboarders and surfers, Riptide was built on the belief that an electric skateboard can be super powerful and incredibly convenient, while retaining all the features that make an unpowered board great. The Riptide’s 97 wh battery is precisely engineered to fit within TSA guidelines, so you can carry the board on and take it on all your adventures. With an 1800W dual belt drive the Riptide can keep up with some of the fastest boards on the market. Don’t let the board’s small size fool you, it has major power.

The R1 packs 1800W of power into a compact, 31″ deck.

Top Speed: 18 mph
Range: 7 Miles
Weight: 13 lbs
Wheels: 83mm 78a
Headlights? No
The Elite Package adds headlights / tail lights, along with larger, softer wheels, increasing speed and range.

Top Speed: 20 mph
Range: 8 Miles
Weight: 14 lbs
Wheels: 90mm 75a
Headlights? Yes
Both boards charge in 3.5 hrs.

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