Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers Rooster Stencil DIY farm house

Rise and Shine Mother Cluckers Rooster Stencil DIY farm house
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This is a custom made rustic farm stencil for your diy projects. We are also DIYers and wanted an easy-to-use, good looking crowing cock along with the infamous Rise & Shine Mother Cluckers phrase. This versatile stencil can be used as is, or just for the rooster, or for a gentler wake up message, simply “Rise & Shine”. We want to make your rustic diy home decor projects manageable so that you can succeed without the hard work! This stencil is washable and reusable, printed on see through mylar (pictured here on white) for use on walls, finished or unfinished wood, materials like t-shirt, tote bags, pillows and pillow covers, and more. The stencil is printed on 12″x12″ mylar; actual stencil is 11″x11″ at tallest and widest points. The rooster is approximately 6.5″x6″. If you are looking for a larger rooster, check out our large rooster stencil. Our smallest stencil is sent to you on 5×4″ clear mylar– actual stencil is about 3.5″ tall x 3″ wide. The projects posted here are with our original “Rise & Shine Mother Cluckers” rather than the current stencil where the “&” has been replaced with the word “and”. We offer both, so if you prefer the “&”, please let us know, otherwise we will default to sending the new stencil shown here. Interested in getting your project done faster? check out our other listings (some still on the way!) for completed projects including throw pillows, and reclaimed pallet art. Contact us for additional sizing and pricing.

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