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Extension Cord Reel

Extension Cord Reel
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Life just got a little easier thanks to the RoboReel Ceiling Mount Power Cord System. Instead of handling tangled and knotted cords or dealing with dangerous and unreliable spring-loaded mechanisms, our motor-driven Ceiling Mount Power Cord System winds the cord nice and neat every time – at the touch of a button.

The Ceiling Mount model comes installed with 50ft. of heavy-duty 12 gauge extension cord, and employs a patented self-leveling ball joint that allows it to be mounted on horizontal, vertical, and angled surfaces as high as 16ft.

The RoboReel difference begins with safety. Unlike spring-loaded reels which produce an uncontrolled whipping action that can be harmful to anything in their path, RoboReel employs a motorized, two-speed retraction system that slows down to dock eliminating whipping.

The RoboReel also has redundant thermostats that reduce overheating and fire hazards and an emergency power shutoff feature that will turn off power if the cord is severed. Rewind will also stop if the cord is obstructed and it will not wind in the cord while a power tool is in use.

The RoboReel has many unique design features such as 360 degree rotation which allows you to reach any tool within a 100ft. diameter and a “smart” three outlet receptacle ball with a power/on off switch, retract button, and 3 LED indicator lights.

Unlike its spring-loaded competitors, RoboReel is a product that is built to last. The unit is made with high-impact, chemical resistant plastics; a durable 180v motor; and a “corkscrew” resistant, lead free cord. Each RoboReel comes with an industry leading 4 years or 4,000 winds, whichever comes first, manufacturers warranty.

RoboReel is motor-driven and safely winds up the cord in seconds – at the touch of a button
Unlike dangerous and unreliable spring-loaded reels, RoboReel is built to last and comes with an industry leading warranty
Redundant thermostats prevent overheating and the emergency power shutoff will turn off power if the cord is severed
Self-leveling ceiling mount allows the unit to hang from horizontal, vertical, or angled surfaces
Includes 50 foot, 12 gauge, 15 amp extension cord. No assembly required. 16ft. max hang height.

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