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RockWall Dual USB Wall Charger by iLuv

RockWall Dual USB Wall Charger by iLuv
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Combining power and style, RockWall is a charger unlike any other. This dual USB wall charger is designed to streamline the charging process for all your devices. Featuring two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously and compatibility with both Apple and Android, RockWall is a truly versatile power solution. Its stylishly curved white exterior gives it a unique look while the swiveling plug base allows you to adjust it for optimal placement.

Compatible with Apple and Android
Designed to work with both Apple and Android products, Rockwall is a convenient power solution for all of your mobile devices. Efficient and practical, this product eliminates the need to have multiple chargers. No matter what device you have, just plug in and start charging.

Charge 2 Devices At Once
If you own multiple mobile devices, Rockwall is the ideal product for you. Featuring two USB ports, this charger allows you to plug in and charge up to two devices simultaneously, saving you time and the trouble of hunting down available electrical outlets.

Quick Charge
Keep your mobile device powered wherever you go. Rockwall delivers 3.1 amp (15.5 watts) of charging power to quickly charge your device.

Flexible Placement
The unique design of Rockwall features a swiveling plug base that can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of outlet positions. Just hold down the two buttons on the side for the plug base to swing out. Now you can plug Rockwall into a wall socket or power strip without blocking the other outlets.

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