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Rocky Mountain APEX-CAMP Modular Outdoor Living Camping Tent

Rocky Mountain APEX-CAMP Modular Outdoor Living Camping Tent
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We’re back with another episode of our Kickstarter innovation series and this time it’s all about camping. If you’re a camping enthusiast you know that a good camping tent is one of the best investments you can make and the APEX CAMP is definitely among the best products that are about to hit the market. So let’s first address the specs and then talk about the innovative aspect of the APEX Camp.

The APEX CAMP is a modular designed product that offers multifunctional operation. Secondly this is a **huge** camping tent at 180 sqf. The structure is comprised of a central canopy shelter where you can keep all your gear that mated with two self-contained dome room attachments, which can host up to six people. The main canopy section folds to 10″x10″x54″ and weighs only 35 pounds, while the two dome attachments weigh 6 pounds each.

Each modular section can be used separately as stand alone. It’s remarkably compact for such a big structure – but we have yet to talk about APEX Camp’s most amazing feature, versatility and function. You see, this is not just your average camping tent: whenever you’re not out in the wild the APEX transforms into an awesome canopy that you can use for outdoor activities. Basically you are getting rid of the extra attachments while keeping the central shelter element. So three products for the price of one. If you like the idea check out the Kickstarter – the complete APEX CAMP tent starts at just $499.

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