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Rodolfo Modular Sofa

Rodolfo Modular Sofa
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RODOLFO is a contemporary seating solution taking inspiration from an innate Italian need and habit – gathering with family or friends even when spaces are small and not suitable for large parties. RODOLFO is COMPOSED OF JUST 3 MODULES – a steel rod frame, a seat/bed and an ottoman/backrest. SOLD SEPARATELY, these elements allow endless combinations and maximum customisation – from a basic chaise longue to extensive solutions for large spaces. Everyone can create their own unique sofa.

Each module can be used individually in a multitude of ways. When needed, each lounger can be opened up in one simple move and form a bed for friends or family. Have fun in mixing and matching Rodolfo’s shades and modules.
The fabric cover can be fully removed thanks to the bottom zip. It can be machine washed at 86°F and ironed at low temperature. Do not bleach. Also, check out this category of couches and sofas where you can find the best counch for your home.

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