ROLI Seaboard Rise 49 49 Key Keyboard Controller

ROLI Seaboard Rise 49 49 Key Keyboard Controller
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  • Every movement is musical | Shape sounds with 5D Touch on the Seaboard RISE’s expressive surface. Strike, glide, slide, press and lift off with your fingers to bring your musical ideas to life
  • Explore a universe of sound | Seaboard RISE pairs with desktop software that includes hundreds of sounds, from strings and synths to drums and guitars. They’re custom made for 5D Touch
  • Add more control with Touch Faders | The Press, Glide, and Slide Touch Faders let you adjust the touch-responsiveness of the Seaboard RISE interface
  • An interface you can grasp | Simple is beautiful. Knobs, wheels, cords and clutter are gone. In its place is a sleek, simplified interface that is totally intuitive. It’s all based on touch
  • Beautifully crafted | ROLI Rise 49 has a sleek, intuitive design comprised of premium materials. It features ROLI’s signature SEA interface technology, which integrates sensors and a silicone surface
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