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RolliBot LaserEye 3D Mapping Robot Vacuum

RolliBot LaserEye 3D Mapping Robot Vacuum
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Born from innovation and invention, ROLLIBOT strives for new technological frontiers to perfectly serve the needs of busy, hardworking consumers.
Never again miss a single speck on the floor with LaserEye, ROLLIBOT’s most advanced robot vacuum. LaserEye utilizes state of the art laser mapping to actively locate wall and furniture positions, so it won’t get lost even when you rearrange rooms. It becomes smarter and more efficient the longer it works. In fact, LaserEye knows when and where to go to start recharging! It even remembers where it cleaned last and resumes on its own!

– Ultrasonic laser sensor helps scan and analyze surroundings to create maps and determine how best to clean.
– Cliff sensor trio detects drop-offs like stairs and other bi-level spaces to prevent falls.
– Internal memory system actively stores and updates information about surroundings.
– Minimal noise so it’s quieter than a traditional vacuum.

– Preinstalled rechargeable lithium-ion battery with enough power for a 120 minute cleaning spree.
– Spot or auto cleaning functions for the best clean every for every space.
– Edge brush helps draw debris in towards the powerful fan for clean-up.
– Automatically returns to its charging base after a job well done.

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