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Romy #1

Romy #1
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Welcome to Triton City! Once a pirate’s haven, it is now a place of splendor and riches that hides its poverty and vice in plain sight. It is a city where anyone can experience a little history and culture at the Triton Nautical Museum. Also, a person of means can have a high priced escort accompany them to the Crow’s Nest, an-invitation-only restaurant/club hidden somewhere in the museum. Or, they can take a quick limo ride to the Keels, a rougher part of town, and place a bet or two on the homeless cage-fighting for food.
Yes, Triton city is a hot spot for the strange and beautiful. But nothing is as strange or beautiful as Triton City’s own Romy! Rumored to have acquired invincible skin as a student during a chemistry lab explosion at Triton City University, Romy brings order to the community with her disarming sexiness, martial arts abilities, acid gun and the invulnerable skin on her hot bod. She delivers vigilante justice to everyone from the dealers and pimps on the streets to the high tower Mafia Godfathers and penthouse Drug Cartel Kingpins. She has a unique combination of empathy, sense of responsibility and pragmatism. She rids the world of scum with a sociopathic matter-of-fact acceptance of brutally killing those who are remorseless killers themselves. She is a protector of the weak and defenseless, giving a cacophonous voice and fists of steel to the huddled masses too frightened to speak up or fight back.

Romy started as a joke between friends and is based on the very real Stephanie Danielson. Valor’s Kickstarter relaunch of Romy will keep the original dark humor and relentless action infused by creator Dan DeMille.

This book consists of 25 pages of origin story for this colorfully wild vigilante!

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