Ronan Moving Mountain Rolltop Backpack

Ronan Moving Mountain Rolltop Backpack
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A limited edition version of our well known Ronan laptop rolltop backpack in a special print called moving mountain. Weve produced a very limited run of these and weve chosen a large scale that means every single bag will look completely unique. No two will be the same and none of these will be made again. Inspiration behind the moving mountain print was taken from the Autumn season poem; The Hawk, the snow and the moving mountain. The theme had a native American influence and the moving mountain print took inspiration from native blanket patterns and geometries. Weve blown it up in scale so that the pattern becomes a colour block that results in a unique colour effect with every bag.ronans actual silhouette is unique. Built from the ground up with very close attention paid to the various panels that make up the main body and the affect that subtle angles in the panels have in the overall shape and structure of the bag. The rolling top is a military detail that prevents rain getting into the bag. Weve taken the rolltop concept further and created a unique way to extend the capacity of the bag. Even when extended you have rain protection from a top section that folds back.features include: Unique Stighlorgan rolltop laptop backpack silhouette Side loading laptop pocket is designed to fit a 15? laptop Black 3m reflective material shoulder strap details Can fasten rolled closed or extended for extra volume Dual straps which line up with shoulder strap points so that top section remains flat with heavy use External side loading laptop pocket. Quick yet secure access 96 densely woven ballistic polyester canvas Lacquered canvas rolltop and straps Heavy duty tarpaulin gussets Ball & post, leather strap fastening system for quick access Fully lined with our trademark rope striped canvas Twisted rope features such as grab handle

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