Ros Wine Gin Liqueur

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You can relax. We’ve just solved the ultimate First World problem – “do i have a nice chilled glass of ros, or a classy tumbler of gin and tonic?” ?? Neither! Ros Wine Gin Liqueur is the crossover tipple you’ve been craving. Classic fruity aromas layered with subtle flavours of strawberry, cherry and grape, expertly remixed with a bold blend of botanicals and dry juniper notes. The resultant cocktail tastes sublime over ice or mixed with a premium tonic. We’ve set out to challenge expectations around alcohol by creating a trio of fresh and unusual flavour combinations, unkindred spirits if you will. Each one of our creations has a reduced alcohol content for an enjoyable drinking experience that keeps the emphasis on the flavour. Serve them up in a wine glass or a tumbler? You decide!

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