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Rosewood Wood Collar Stays

Rosewood Wood Collar Stays
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Our handcrafted wooden collar stays were an innovative idea borne of necessity. When the founder of TommyOwens was running late for a dinner party and could not find his metal collar stays, he spontaneously crafted a pair of wooden ones from a set of wooden blanks that were already prepared to be transformed into a pair of sunglasses. Throughout the evening, he regularly checked his collar, expecting it to have fallen – but to his astonishment, the wooden collar stays performed magnificently, leaving his collar standing determined and tall. Thus came the birth of the handcrafted wooden collar stay!

TommyOwens artisanal wooden collar stays are crafted from several layers of the highest quality flat sheets composed of beautifully strong woods, including as ash, mahogany, rosewood, and walnut. These pieces are fused together to create the final product using a unique bonding process that creates a wholly stable and balanced handcrafted piece of wearable art. Each pair of collar stays is sanded by hand in order to create a smooth and polished product. Due to inherent differences in each sheet of laminated wood and the process of creating each individual pair of wooden collar stays, no two pairs are the same.

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