Rustic metal olive basketVintage Bucket Decorative

Rustic metal olive basketVintage Bucket Decorative
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Special vintage grape basket.since there are misinformation on web about usage of these baskets.we want to clarify the matter and give correct knowledge.these baskets are gathered from old grape processing plales.they are made of galvanised metal.there are no craftsmen who are manufacturing them anymore therefore they are un?que.aeagean seedless grapes(sultana) are grown in Turkey and their drying process is as following.the grapes are picked and gathered in raisin houses.the grapes then are filled into these baskets an dipped in boiled water.they are dried naturally under the sun.althoug there are many baskets which look like these baskets these are unique and very old.we wanted to give this brief information to clarify the matter and prevent any mistakes.metal part of baskets are generally rusty so we clean up that rust as you see in can also contact about purchasing huge amount of these baskets.(1000-5000) Height:40cm (15,6 inch) Diameter:42 cm (16 inch ) from the top of basket.

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