Rusty Hen / Chicken Garden Decor / Chicken gift / Metal Hen

Rusty Hen / Chicken Garden Decor / Chicken gift / Metal Hen
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Rusty Metal Chicken Garden Ornament / Metal Hen Gift… These feathered friends looks fantastic in any garden boarder, and they promise not to dig up the plants! This listing is for one of either of the two hens (see separate listing for the Rooster or the Spring chicks) The two chickens, cut from 2mm mild steel, can be pushed into the ground, using the 6cm stake attached to their legs. The chickens measure over 25cm in height. Choose from head down or head up position. also….. We also have a cockerel and three chicks If you love our hens why not check out our Duck Family listings Why Rusty? The rusty patina gives a natural and unique finish, which continues to mature and look better with age. Best of all the chickens require no maintenance and do not need protection from bad weather. This is one piece of garden dcor that will maintain its beauty year after year. Our husband and wife team design and create a wide range of rusty metal garden art. Each piece is lovingly cut from new steel and then hand rusted to create a unique and natural looking piece, that looks stunning in contrast to the vibrant greenery of any garden. To see our other garden art pieces, refer to our website We are able to undertake bespoke work, please contact us with your ideas. Proudly made in the uk

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