Saber Sound Reactive Lamps

Saber Sound Reactive Lamps
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Inspired by stereo waveform visualizer displays Saber is a music & sound visualizer luminaire. Designed to function as either a single unit or in multiples. When installed in multiples each individual Saber can be set to all or one of eight specific frequencies ranging from bass through mid to highs. Setting units furthest to the left as bass frequencies and Sabers furthest to the right as Highs a spectrum analyzer can be achieved. We also offer a multipack of 7 Sabers for the price of 6.

3ft (1m) length x 1.5″ diameter
2lbs (1kg) each
Capacitive ‘tap’ Interface
Specific frequency isolation
Can be used as single unit or in multiples
10ft (3m) Plug & play power cord
5v transformer included
4-6 weeks production lead time.

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