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Saily Table Lamp

Saily Table Lamp
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This lamp resembles a paper boat.
Made of Nomex, an insulation material made by Dupont and used in industry, it is fireproof and completely safe.
The boat, which seems to be made of paper, lights up but does not burn.

This surprising, playful effect is achieved by taking advantage of the properties of the industrial materials.
Suspension lamp with light diffuser made of DuPont® Nomex (fire-resistant material used by firefighters).
Base includes energy-saving LED light source.
Light flow (in lumen): 900 lm (large), 600 lm (medium), 300 lm (small)

Small: l. 20 x p. 44 x h. 21 cm
Medium: l. 31 x p. 57 x h. 31 cm
Large: l. 40 x p. 93 x h. 49 cm

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