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SainSmart x Creality CR-X 3D Printer Dual Extrusion

SainSmart x Creality CR-X 3D Printer Dual Extrusion
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Integrated Design: The all-in-one base provides the frame for the CR-X while also housing the printer board and power supply for a compact and efficient printer!
Dual Extruder: The dual junction extruder allows for printing of one or two filament materials, even both at once, to provide a cross print of two materials!
Carboloy Silicon Printing Platform: The Carboloy silicone coated printing platform provides a strong first layer adhesion when temperatures in the print bed reach 60°C! Allowing for easier printing and removal!
Stable Printing: The bottom slide block has 8 pulleys, and the bottom profile is relatively solid. This unique design allows the entire machine to run smoothly when printing.
Three Fans Cooling: Better and faster cooling with more efficient radiating. Three fans to help cool the extruded filament and improve consistency in layering.

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