Sakura Tea Fishbowl Slime Clear slime fishbowl slime

Sakura Tea Fishbowl Slime  Clear slime  fishbowl slime
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A light pink, Cherry blossom tea scented fishbowl slime with small pom-poms and flower clay pieces. slime is packaged in 2-oz – 5-oz – 8-oz twist cap container. Slime Order extras include: – a complimentary 2-oz Mystery Mini (Sample slime) – 1 measured teaspoon packet of Slime Activator (borax powder) Apply if Slime is sticky – Business card with Slime Care instructions on how to mix and use the Slime Activator – Order invoice Slime may deactivate during its time in transit. Please note – Clear slime is not as holdable as white based slime and tend to be sticky. Follow these steps to reactivate your slime if slime arrives too sticky 1) Add the teaspoon of activator that was provided in slime package to 1 measured cup of warm water. 2) Mix until activator is completely dissolved.

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