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Saltwater Sea Surfboard Shower

Saltwater Sea Surfboard Shower
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We are so excited to introduce a completely new design that is super chic and seamless! This design features a black/blue smoke effect with a thin orange line at the rails for a pop of color and fun. No two boards are the same with the way the color and fume look as they are artistically placed.
This surfboard shower is absolutely original to Strand Boards and you won’t find this anywhere else. The incredible design is modern yet classic and has so many great features listed below:

All copper plumbing is integrated inside the board
Hot and cold water lines are standard
Handheld shower offers dual function shower head and foot rinse
No plumber required to install
Water efficient
High end shower components
Personalize your surfboard shower with a name
Hang it up, connect your water source and you’re showering in no time!

This item is custom made for you, the timeline is 4 weeks for delivery. Shower is plumbed and ready to connect. Due to the hand painted nature of this item colors may vary slightly. Upon check out buyer agrees to our terms and conditions.

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