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Samurai Umbrella

Samurai Umbrella
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With a Samurai sword deal with, you’ll be begging for rain with our superior Samurai Umbrella! Unlike odd umbrella’s, this one kicks ass as you strut down the road with it strapped to your again, able to whip it out on the very website of a gray cloud. Use your crafty and stealth-like Ninja instincts to detect moisture within the air. Check out this collection of scarves as well so you don’t get cold during rainy days.

Glide your Samurai Umbrella out of its sheath and save the world/ your coat from impending doom/ getting moist by Ming the Merciless/ rain. This giant black umbrella is fantastically manly and may be carried round in honour and satisfaction as you hop gayley from puddle to puddle. This top of the range umbrella opens on the push of a button and is right for impressing buddies, co-workers and girlfriends as you make whooshing noises, do this ‘Look, I am pretending to be a dubbed Japanese Ninja movie!’ voice and bounce round like a rabid canine in area boots.

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