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Satechi Bluetooth RGB LED IQ Strip

Satechi Bluetooth RGB LED IQ Strip
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The app-enabled Bluetooth 4.0 LED IQ Strip gives you a suite of customization options for a beautiful LED strip that can be installed almost anywhere. Choose from up to 16 million different colors and change the Strip to suit your mood. Perfect for mounting in your car, your game room, or your bedroom – the only limit is your imagination!

Easy to Install and Use
The IQ Strip is easy to operate – simply remove the backing on the Strip and place it in your desired location. Then, plug the Strip in and pair to your phone or tablet using the included app. You can even control up to 10 IQ Strips from your mobile device!

Up to 16 Million Different Colors
Using the app, you can turn the Strips on and off, dim and brighten them, and change the color. Bright blue-white is useful for studying, warm yellow facilitates relaxation, and the host of other colors let you express yourself or add a new mood to any room. In Disco Mode, the Strip changes color to match music and sound – perfect for parties!

Schedule the Strip for your Life
Set a timer for the LEDs to turn off, or set a schedule for the Strip to turn on or off during certain times of day – with any color! The Strip can dim and shut off when you go to sleep, and wake you up naturally with a soft light in the morning.

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