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Satechi Flexible Micro USB to USB Cable

Satechi Flexible Micro USB to USB Cable
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The cables are made from a silicone material which makes them bendable and flexible.

Traditional USB cables may break easily when bent or twisted. However, the Satechi Flexible Micro USB cable features a tough silicone casing which allows you to bend it in nearly any position while still retaining its strength and original form.

Clutter Free
The 6″ inch and 10″ inch cables are designed specifically for those looking for an efficient, tangle-free, and portable charging solution. The cable can be easily stored in a bag, purse, pocket etc. without the hassle of long and tangled wires.

Case Friendly
The Micro USB Cable connector head will securely fit to most cased devices so you don’t need to sacrifice safety.

Compatible With
Devices including Android-Windows- HTC -Nexus-Samsung- Sony-Blackberry-Nokia- LG- Motorola and etc. Also compatible with external peripherals such as printers, chargers, battery stations, TV’s, computers, speakers, cameras, hard drives, gaming systems and much more!

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