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Satechi Smart Travel Router / Travel Adapter

Satechi Smart Travel Router / Travel Adapter
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The Satechi Smart Travel Router / Travel Adapter with USB Port adapts to fit into four of the most common plug configurations used around the world and features four different modes for your wireless networking needs.

Two options provide charge your device: an AC power port and a USB port.

This compact adapter is convenient for charging smartphones, laptops, music players, cameras, e-readers, handheld game consoles, tablets, and other devices all around the world.

The Smart Travel Router can only support passwords containing letters and numbers. Special characters cannot be used.

Worldwide compatibility
Fits electrical outlets in over 150 countries in the US, CA, MX, UK, EU, AU, NZ, HK, and China by sliding the adapter button to extract a prong to match the country you’re visiting.

Charge two devices simultaneously
Use the AC power port and the USB port to charge two devices at once.

Compact and Portable
All prongs retract to easily transport the Smart Travel Router in a purse, laptop bag, briefcase, carry-on bag, or suitcase.

Four Networking Modes:
Router: Functions as a typical router, connecting to the internet provided by your ISP and broadcasting a wireless signal, enabling you to create your own network.
Repeater: Connect to your existing network and amplify it. This enables you to extend the range of your wireless network – invaluable if you have a weak connection in a room far away from your router.
Access Point: Create a wireless connection from a wired source. If only an Ethernet port or Ethernet cable is available, the router can connect to the wired connection and broadcast a wireless network that all your devices can connect to.
Client: Connect to a device such as a Smart TV or video game console via an Ethernet cable. The Smart Travel Router can then be used as a wireless adapter, enabling the connected device to connect to the internet wirelessly.

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