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Saturn Wine Glass

Saturn Wine Glass
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Expect nothing less from your drinkware when serving the finest wines to your guests. Our revolutionary Saturn Wine glasses are hand crafted to provide a perfect pairing with your wine cellar choices, while providing a simple ability to share the fragrances from the selection.

As each glass is created, it is shaped by hand then blown using traditional methods. Through this careful process, the final cut of the wine glasses is strengthened through a slow cooling process, then polished by hand.

Gatherings that use old, boring wine glasses are forgotten events. But by including our elegant Saturn Wine glasses, you will raise your event to a night to remember. Each glass is amazingly light, while providing a rigid quality to ease handling and enjoyment. Through the design innovation, each wine glasses protects from tipping with the clever and attractive roll base, ensuring not a drop will be lost.

Our updated design provides added protection from tipping and spilling, and the hand-blown craftiness all but eliminates the possibility of accidental breakage. The roll created by the unique Saturn Wine glass base helps to continually air your wine, bringing a new level of satisfaction with each tasting.

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