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Schiller S1-C Water Bike

Schiller S1-C Water Bike
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Take the ride of your life with the world’s most advanced production water bike. Merging modern design, technology, and engineering, the S1 is a high quality, water bike that delivers all the virtues of cycling in an aquatic environment. Featuring our proprietary drive train, integrated handle bar steering and rugged inflatable pontoons, the S1 is designed to deliver a fast, exhilarating, and safe ride. Quiet, sustainable and human powered, the lightweight S1 is easy to assemble, transport and store in compact spaces.

S1-C frames are tig welded T6 aluminum, Alodine, and powder coated for corrosion protection, and durability.
Premium stainless steel and anodized aluminum components are used throughout.
Rugged, 1100 denier PVC pontoons.
Premium Schiller Carbon Outdrive is ultra low drag. Stunning hand laid carbon fiber construction.

Steerable propulsion provides unparalleled maneuverability. They automatically retract up and out of the way of obstacles and when beaching.
Proprietary two-stage 1:7.5 gear ratio featuring Gates Carbon Drive belts.
Performance saddle, handlebars, cranks, and pedals.
The S1-C is silent, clean, and hand made in California.

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