Screaming Meanie Forte Alarm Clock 6 Programmable Alarms Extra Loud

Screaming Meanie Forte Alarm Clock 6 Programmable Alarms Extra Loud
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  • ✅ Standard Features – Forte is easy to see and larger than most day clocks. The loudest level of its 5 Loudness Settings reaches 100 dB, easily heard from any room. 5 Brightness Settings let you see the clock at a level that’s most comfortable for you. With the Night Dimmer you aren’t disturbed by bright lights while you sleep. For your multilingual family, Forte can display in 10 languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish.
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  • ✅ Unique Features – Most Alarm Clocks have buttons on the back or side, making them very hard to set. Most people flip the clock front to back over and over to set the clock and alarm. Forte tastefully designed the buttons on the front so you can see what you are pressing and watch the clock change. Saving you the hassle of missing the keys and making setup easy.
  • ✅ Important Features – Let’s face it, many times an alarm goes off, confusion and disorientation can follow especially for Seniors. One can lose track of the time and the day, and one may not even remember why the alarm was going off to start with. Forte comes with 14 essential reminder icons which can be set. Spend less time wondering why the alarm is sounding, and more time getting on with your day.
  • ✅ Patented Feature – Only our alarm clocks have an Alarm Countdown feature. This invaluable function let you rest assure you will always know when your next alarm is going to alert you, no more accidentally setup your AM to PM or vice versa.
  • ✅ 26 Years of Excellence Customer Service – Some companies claim they are a USA company, but we can prove it, Screaming Meanie has been serving the USA from the West Coast since 1994. Your Screaming Meanie Forte comes with a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase, no question asked. If you have any questions, please call us from 9 to 5 Pacific Standard Time, we will be happy to help.
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