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SCUBAJET Multipurpose Water Jet Propulsion System

SCUBAJET Multipurpose Water Jet Propulsion System
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SCUBAJET is the most versatile and handy water jet propulsion system and smallest dive scooter on the market. It brings some of the most popular water sports activities like stand up paddling, canoeing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling to the next level and speeds up the fun in the water. The SCUBAJET comes with an innovative adapter system and almost zero weight. It’s easy to transport and fits in every backpack. SCUBAJET only weights 6.6 lbs and provides up to 16 km/h and 44 lbs/20kg thrust, offers long battery time.

2.5 kg
42cm (16,5 inch) length, 8cm (3,4 inch) diameter, 3kg (6,6 lbs) weight

Battery type
200 wh travel battery, 320 wh travel battery, 400 wh battery
Universal adapter, Dive adapter, Dinghy adapter, Finbox adapter, Kayakat adapter
Nose LED Lamp
-, 500 Lumen, 1500 Lumen

200 wh – 3 hours, 400 wh – 6 hours, 1000 charge cycles
Dive: 20min / 60 min / 90 min, SUP: 4h / 2H / 1h / 20 min, Canoe / kayak: 4h / 2h / 1h / 20 min, Snorkeling / swimming: 20 min / 90 min / 120 min

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