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Sculpture Clockwork Pino

Sculpture Clockwork Pino
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This is 12″ Clockwork Pino, designed by Fool P.

Fools Paradise is at it again with this insane mash-up of Discney & Stanley Kubrick. Pinnochio and Alex (From A Clockwork Orange) have been combined into a supersick wooden psycho boy. Jiminey Cricket is off ourse at his side and is rocking the Clockwork orange treatment aswell.

The Clockwork Pino set by Fools Paradise stands 12” (30 cm) tall and is handpainted and Handcrafted in Vinyl, PVC and ABS.

The 12″ Clockwork Pino is a limited to 498 pcs worldwide.

Artist: Fools Paradise
Size: 12″ – 30 cm
Produced: 498 pieces
Released: 2019
Label: Fools Paradise
Medium: Vinyl

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