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A bag you can sit on: Seatbag is the world’s first bag you can sit on. It is designed for a busy city life which is suitable for different occasions. Its contemporary look and multi-function makes it your best choice and perfect companion.

Architectural form, large capacity: Inspired by the honeycomb. The hexagonal design guarantees the largest capacity.

Lightweight: Using fiber cloth makes the bag much lighter than others with the same volume.

Anti-theft: A two-way zipper with hidden design prevents theft.

For every occasion: With Seatbag you can take a seat wherever and whenever you want!

High quality fabric: It is made of tear-resistant and waterproof Teflon coating fabric.

Easy to bring your bottle: Seatbag is suitable and easy for bringing bottles on both sides of the bag.

Security loading weight: High-strength sheets inside the bag guarantees the high performance in compression and bending.

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