Seek LT-AAO Compact 20° Thermal Imager

Seek LT-AAO Compact 20° Thermal Imager
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  • Thermal Imagery Tool: an ideal thermal camera for DIY home owners, inspectors, plumbers, electricians, insulation and HVAC professionals, carpet cleaners, pet owners and general home security. Black heavy-duty imaging accessory detects clogs, falling electric circuits, heat loss and gain, insulation efficiently, and features an ever-growing collection of swappable modules. Here are other tools you might find useful for your home.
  • High Performance Detection Accessory: combines powerful thermal insight with 206 x 156 sensor, a 20-degree narrow field of view. The accessory comes with durable polycarbonate module that slides into the back of an iPhone case, and protects the phone while capturing thermal images
  • Compatibility: built for OtterBox universe case system, the imager converts an iPhone into thermal imaging camera, and features advanced infrared technology. The imager works in total darkness, broad daylight or obscured visibility conditions. Thermal imager style for commercial and industrial applications
  • Portable Thermal Imager: easy to pack, lightweight Seek Reveal Imaging accessory features a handy latch at the back for security. Quick to connect, the detecting device makes use of military and professional grade thermal technology. The device features over 32000 individual thermal pixels with a range of detecting temperatures from -40C to 330C
  • Seek Thermal Imager: includes seek compact line. Black thermal imaging equipment is an extra range thermal imaging camera. Robust Seek compact camera has a long-life expectancy. Detection accessory is ideal for any occasion
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