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Seek Thermal Camera Attachment

Seek Thermal Camera Attachment
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The Seek allows you to literally see heat, making it possible to spot people and animals in daylight, total darkness, or in obscured visibility conditions. This true thermal imaging camera uses the data from over 32,000 thermal pixels to create a visible image on your smartphone. Prior to the Seek Thermal camera, this type of resolution was only available in cameras costing $3,000 and above. A few common ways to use the Seek Thermal camera:

Hunting: Scout terrain, track game, and follow bloodtrails (activities subject to local laws and regulations)
Boating: Detect and locate hazards on the water at night
Safety and Security: Scan a dark parking lot or around your home for danger
Home Inspection: Reliable, non-contact testing and thermography
Electrical Engineering: Inspect components, circuit boards and assemblies.

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