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Self-Chilling Beer Glasses

Self-Chilling Beer Glasses
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Introducing The First Ever Self-Chilling Glassware Set Why Use Pint Glasses That Are Designed To Stay Cold – Drinks Taste Better Cold- Incredibly Easy To Use, Just Freeze The Dimples Then Magnetically Attach Them To The Bottom of Your Pint Glass – Insulated Hand Grip Keeps Your Hands Comfortable While Keeping Your Drink Cold In- Includes Built-In Silicone Coaster To Protect Wooden Surfaces What Sets The Dimple Beer-Chilling Set Apart?

Dimple Beverage-Cooling Pint Glasses dont require washing, like Whiskey Stones or other non-ice drink cooling products. The Ice Cold dimple never touches your drink, so when you’re done with your cold beverage, you can just pop the dimple back in the freezer. It’ll be ready to use again in 45 minutes or so. This product actually cools your drink, while insulating your hands. Ladies and gentlemen, we have advanced beyond Coozie technology. This Set Includes – Two (2) 16 oz. Pint Glasses- Built-In Magnetic Silicone Coaster- Insulated Hand Grip- Two (2) Dimple Clear Dimple Chillers

Set of Two (2) 16oz. Self-Chilling Pint Glasses and Two (2) Freezer-Safe Chilling Dimples
Keeps Beverages Ice Cold For 30 Minutes
Insulated Silicone Grip Is Easy To Hold And Keeps Hands From Getting Cold With Your Beverage
The Base Has A Built-In Silicone Coaster That Magnetically Attaches To The Pint Glass
An Elegant Solution For Keeping Drinks Cold. Just Freeze, Insert and Enjoy – No Cleanup Required, Just Re-Freeze The Dimple After Each Use

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