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Self Kotatsu Wearable Blanket

Self Kotatsu Wearable Blanket
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The Self Kotatsu Wearable Blanket is a fuzzy, comfy solution for those chilly days spent lounging around at home. Feel like you don’t want to get out of bed but still want to do stuff? No problem. Now you can become your own kotatsu (a heater with a futon or blanket) by wearing this item.

OK, there’s no actual heating integrated into the materials but the fleece is so comfortable and warm that it really will feel like you are now a walking kotatsu. Wear it while in bed, lying on the sofa, or just moving around at home.

There’s a zip-up front, hood, pockets (perfect for storing your phone or tablet device), and even a skirt-like bottom to make it really flexible and easy to move around in. The Self Kotatsu comes in three colors (pink, black, or beige) and two sizes.

The Self Kotatsu Wearable Blanket features:

Color: pink, black, beige
Size: medium, large
Pink is available in medium size only
Beige is available in large size only
Black is available in both sizes

Medium: 150-165cm (59-65″)
Large: 165-180cm (65-71″)
Includes hood and pockets
Materials: polyester
Slippers not included (example of usage only)

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