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Selfy Car Mount by iLuv

Selfy Car Mount by iLuv
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About The selfy Car Mount allows you to mount your phone to your car’s windshield for navigation, hands-free calling and video capture. Take advantage of your phone’s GPS functionality to ensure you arrive at your destination. If you receive any calls, you can answer them completely hands-free while still keeping your eyes on the road. With the mount on your windshield, you can use the selfy shutter to capture driving videos. Made For Your Car The selfy Car Mount makes it easy for you to use GPS, take hands-free calls and record videos all from your phone.

Attach the selfy case to the Car Mount and mount it on your windshield to enhance your driving experience. Easy to Set Up and Adjust With a simple, intuitive design, the selfy Car Mount is incredibly easy to use. It features a large suction cup that attaches to your windshield securely, as well as an adjustable arm that allows you to shift the position and angle of your phone. An Ecosystem of Accessories – Easy, Convenient and Fun The Car Mount is part of a complete ecosystem of products and accessories for selfy that makes it easy to capture your experiences wherever you go. The key to this ecosystem is the slot that holds the shutter at the back of the selfy case. Slide the shutter out, replace it with the main connector and now you can attach the selfy case to any of the selfy accessories.

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