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Sensordrone Multi-Function Sensor

Sensordrone Multi-Function Sensor
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Sensordrone is the World’s First Practical Environmental Tricorder! With Just One Sensordrone, You’ll Have a: Real Tricorder Temperature Sensor Wireless sensor Light sensor Gas sensor & gas detector Carbon Monoxide sensor & CO detector Humidity sensor color sensor Bluetooth sensor Networked Sensor Environmental sensor Infrared temperature sensor (IR temperature sensor)

Personal weather station Alcohol sensor (for fun and professional BAC monitoring) New Sensor Apps to run on your smartphone An open source wireless sensor interface for developers Want a Bluetooth sensor? How about a weather station, temperature sensor, gas sensor, and a whole bunch of other new sensors in one compact package!

Sensordrone is an entire tool kit of sensors in a tiny, 1oz (~28 gram) device. Own the world’s most advanced and fun bluetooth sensor platform.

Sensordrone is the best bluetooth sensor platform in the world for making your smartphone or tablet smarter. Run apps for air quality, weather, carbon monoxide, breath analysis, infrared temperature, color, light, and much more. Android sensors and iOS sensors will never be the same.

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