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Serenity Candle Box

Serenity Candle Box
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Based on our philosophy about the oriental way of candle, Inspired by tea ceremony, we created candle tool box for the Becandle Beads which makes the process of making and sharing glasses of candle like brewing cups of tea.
On top of the walnut wooden box is a thin concrete board, each handcrafted with special techniques. It is a tray for lighting the sand-wax candle, and is also a diffuser, for the fragrance that comes in the box to be dripped on, and slowly fills the air with a calming scent.

20 pieces concrete limited edition, each with varied ripple pattern on the concrete cover.

Contents: 900g Pack of Becandle beads, Paper scrapper, wick cutter, 50 pc of wicks, 4 satin glass containers, 1 bottle of fragrance

Dimension: 55cm X 21cm X 12cm

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