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Series 8 Titanium Cufflinks

Series 8 Titanium Cufflinks
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The Titanium Cufflinks merge timeless elegance with our most advanced 21st century production technology and metallurgy. Crafted from a solid rod of Grade 5 Titanium, merged with gold , the Solloshi Titanium Cufflinks will amaze you with their featherweight feel, powerful aesthetic and incredible workmanship.
These piece of art accessories are a must have item for all gentlemen as it shows luxury, uniqueness and supremacy –without you showing off.

These cufflinks are accessories designed to go not just with your tailored shirts and finest fabric suit, but to also accessorize your watch, your car and all high-end gadgets that you enjoy owning and using on a daily basis. We are inspired by the most advanced Swiss and German timepieces, their combined use of cutting edge production techniques and age-old handcrafting know-how.

We manufacture each and every item with meticulous attention as they are designed for a lifetime. As such, every pair of cufflinks we produce is cut from a solid rod of Grade 5 Titanium: it takes about 15 hours for a pair to be cut with the precision and attention to details that we set as our standards. This is then completed by another 10 hours of hand-performed finishing work to ensure a quality of execution absolutely unrivaled even by the biggest and most luxurious names in the luxury accessories trade.

We assign no limits to how much effort we dedicate to getting a piece right, rather, we listen to the piece and let it tell us, when we have reached excellence in workmanship.
The CNC-cut and hand-refined pieces receive a darker nACo and TICN-MP coatings to render them as beautiful and as durable as titanium can possibly ever get. The result of all our efforts is a cufflink that weighs just 10 grams each – that’s just 0.35 ounces for a piece. This featherweight construction ensures perfect wearing comfort and a secure fit. Our cufflinks measure 27.26 mm long and 16.5 millimeters wide.

Every Solloshi Titanium Cufflink is delivered in a CNC-cut aluminium presentation box, making our cufflinks the perfect gift to your loved ones – or yourself.
We hope you’ll enjoy adding something as beautifully manufactured as our Titanium cufflinks.

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