Serotonin – A play with poetry by Thomas Alexander Burke

Serotonin – A play with poetry by Thomas Alexander Burke
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Each Video is a journey of my current experience as I am currently held under a Level 2 section, and held at a London Mental Health facility. I am journalling this experience as an outlet to set the tone for my life’s work; Serotonin – a play with poetry. I have been a victim but also plainly observed barbaric conditions and I intend the development of my play to reach a larger audience as an essential life changing piece of theatre. A play decorated with poetry, which with budget can reach as many people globally as possible and “open our eyes to lives of those who’ve died inside.”

Budget will provide not only payment for the cast and crew but will ensure a successful marketing campaign and fundamentally to meet the venue costs to house many extended runs at top London and New York venues. It’s time to set the stage for the extinction of the mental health crisis; relieving the stigma and allowing those that see it to understand and empathise with these unfortunate people (laballed patients) that are held in these out-dated, inhumane and freedom witholding facilities.

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