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Seta Faucet by Bandini

Seta Faucet by Bandini
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Rising sharply and receding with grace, the Seta Faucet by Bandini isn’t simply a spout for a bathroom, but a work of art. The fixture is is unlike traditional faucets that simply use gravity to work; instead, the Seta Faucet by Bandini uses the pressure of the water line to push water up through the fixture before finally spilling out of the tip.

The Seta Faucet by Bandini is something of a balance between form and function because while the design itself is indeed truly striking, the fixture will work beyond the customer’s expectations. Instead of knobs, the Seta Faucet by Bandini features tool-like turning equipment that both operates the fixture’s function and complements the overtly conceptual design.

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