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Seura Indoor Waterproof TV

Seura Indoor Waterproof TV
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Designed for wet environments such as the shower, bathroom, and kitchen, Séura’s Indoor Waterproof TV is the perfect space-saving television that elegantly integrates into the wall. Watch the evening news while cleaning up after dinner. Get the kids to eat breakfast with their favorite cartoons. Catch up on the weather while showering in the morning. Turn the bathroom into a secret safe haven and sanctuary for relaxation. The reasons are endless – Séura’s Indoor Waterproof TV is the perfect solution for the kitchen and bathroom.

Save space with this elegantly integrated in-wall television.
Indoor Waterproof TV Convenience and luxury in splash-friendly spaces
Fully recessed television seals to nearly any surface
Defogger screen prevents a cloudy television image appearance
Protective tempered glass with color-correct viewing delivers an exceptional television image
Note: Hydra must be integrated with an external speaker solution. Speakers are not included.

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